Saint vincent de paul

"The Society of St Vincent de Paul has had the Google Charity Adwords Grant for a number of years but because we didn't have the resources or time to keep up to date with the account, we asked Alan to come in and look at it all for us and see if he could get it into some shape. "

"This was probably one of the best things we did as we saw results straightaway and at a time that was vital to us as we ran our National Annual Appeal.  We were so impressed that we brought Alan on board again during the Appeal.

"I would highly recommend Alan for any charity who doesn't have the time or expertise to manage or run their Adwords Grant if they want to maximise on it." 

Linda O Connell, SVP National Online & Media Coordinator.

Irish Skin Foundation LOGO.PNG

We had been using the Google Ads Grant but had allowed the account to lapse as we didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to keeping up-to-date and compliant with Google’s changing terms.

Alan helped us to set up new campaigns which were simple and easy to manage on an ongoing basis. Since he revamped our Google Ads, we’ve seen excellent results for our website traffic through our analytics and his tutorials and instruction have simplified the day-to-day management of our campaigns.

We would thoroughly recommend that any charity struggling to understand how to get the most out of their Ads Grant to seek Alan’s support and advice.

Orla Gough, Events and Communications Manager, Irish Skin Foundation

the Little museum of dublin

"When Alan took over our adgrant account we had the standard account, and we weren't getting a lot of value out of it."

"Since taking over the account Alan has transformed it, securing us Grantspro status, and creating a significant income stream every month to help us fulfill our mission of raising civic pride in the city of Dublin."

"If you have a charity grant account that does not seem to be doing much to help you I strongly advise you to speak to Alan about how to make it work."
Trevor White, Director, The Little Museum of Dublin

Sensational kids

“Whilst we availed of Google Charity Adwords Grant, we weren’t seeing a real difference from it until we took Alan on to run it for us. Taking on an expert in this area, proved to be a very worthwhile investment for us. With his input we have been able to make our google adwords grant work for us, by increasing our funding streams,  which in turn,  enables to help children of all abilities to achieve."

"I would highly recommend using Alan to help with running the Google Adwords Charity Campaign. His expertise in this area shines through and it’s always a pleasure to work with him, especially since our online sales have increased by over 100% since he took over the account!  "
Karen Leigh, CEO, Sensational Kids

Croí Heart and Stroke Charity

"Google Adwords can be overwhelming to say the least when your main focus is fundraising! However, since Alan came on board I am seeing a significant increase in awareness, event participation and visitors to our website."

Promoting heart health is a priority for Croí and by using Google Adwords to our advantage we are able reach more people with a smart campaign strategy from Alan. Professional and quick to learn a new area (e.g. heart and stroke charity) I would highly recommend Alan to help get all that you can from Google Adwords Grant.
Edwina Treacy, Digital Communications and IT Manager, Croí Heart and Stroke Charity.